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About us

Cosmottega is a
"Natural research lab".

We are a start-up from Puglia, in the south of Italy, with the aim of spreading the culture of health and well being for an eco-sustainable world. We produce natural cosmetics with low environmental impact according to the principles of eco-cosmetics and using raw materials at km 0. Winners of the 2012 Principi Attivi Call with the project "CosmEtica", we are working since 2014 to create our laboratory. And here we are! We are born as pharmaceutical chemists with experience in pharmaceutical research, galenic preparations and quality assurance. This knowledge joined to the rediscovery of ancient ingredients from our land, the constant search for new ingredients and new formulations, is at the heart of our Natural Cosmetics. The involvement of local companies and small producers is the added value, with the aim of encouraging the creation of a collaborative network and exchange, enhancing and promoting the growth of the territory through a production made in Puglia.

What Inci looks like?

INCI is a list in which the ingredients present in the product are presented in a specific order: the first ingredient is the one present in greater quantity in the product. The following ingredients are entered in descending order. Ingredients below 1% are shown in random order.

Our ingredients

Our story starts with four main ingredients.
Donkeys Milk, from the ancient Apulian tradition, a precious ingredient with excellent moisturizing and soothing properties.
Hemp Oil obtained by cold-pressing cannabis sativa seeds is an excellent ally in the fight against skin aging. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6, antioxidants and vitamins is an extraordinary cosmetic ingredient.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, symbol of Apulian culinary tradition, is a precious friend in body care. Thanks to its high concentration of vitamins, it fights free radicals and delays skin aging.
Mate, an infusion of Yerba Mate leaves, a plant native to South America, rich in antioxidants and caffeine, it is an excellent cosmetic ingredient that has raised our interest in recent time.
We are always looking for new original ingredients and special properties to develop quality cosmetics.

Changes passes trough knowledge, don’t stop to appearance!