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How was La Cosmottega born?

The Cosmottega, Apulian start-up winner of the 2012 Puglia Region Active Ingredients Call with the project “CosmEtica”, was born in Bari from pharmaceutical chemists with the aim of spreading the culture of health and well-being for an eco-sustainable world. The result is the realization of natural cosmetics with low environmental impact created with 0 km products following the principles of eco-cosmetics.

What ingredients do you use in your products?

The main ingredients are: donkey milk, with excellent moisturizing and soothing properties; hemp oil, a precious ally to fight skin aging; extra virgin olive oil, which fights free radicals and retards skin aging; mate, an infusion of the leaves of Yerba Mate, a plant native to South America, rich in antioxidant substances and caffeine.
We are always looking for original ingredients and special properties to develop new quality cosmetics.

Is it possible to buy La Cosmottega products?

Of course, our products can be purchased both online in the shop section of our site and in sales points throughout Italy.

Are payments on the site secure?

On our site payments are enabled through the PayPal circuit, used by over 267 million users worldwide. PayPal is a security guarantee: all transactions are encrypted using advanced technologies. Paypal also monitors every transaction 24 hours a day to help prevent fraud, phishing emails and identity theft.

Can a return be made?

Yes, you can make a total return or replace one of the products purchased, just follow the instructions contained in the terms and conditions.

Are you present on social media?

We have our profiles on Facebook, Instagram (@lacosmottega) and Linkedin.